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>> judge jeanine: tonight we are coming to you live from newtown, connecticut which just yesterday was the scene of unimaginable horror and grief. today a community and a nation struggle to make sense of the incomprehensible. the senseless killing of innocence, children and their teachers. we now know the names of all 20 children ages 6 and 7 who were murdered in their own classroom. that place which should be a haven of safety in a heartless world. their names so much like the names of children we all know, 12 girls and 8 boys. charlotte and dillon, jesse and emily to name just a few. and just a little while ago, we heard from robby parker the father of 6-year-old emily, one of the victims shot and killed yesterday along with 19 of her little classmates. >> first of all, i would really like to offer our deepest condolences to all the families who were directly affected by this shooting. it's a horrific tragedy and we want everybody to know that our hearts and our prayers go out to them. >> judge jeanine: we're also hearing stories of children who helped their classmates escape. of
in the south bay, the victim of that incident has died from his injuries. jeanine della vega is at the intersection where all of this happened. gored morning jeanine -- good morning, jeanine. >> reporter: this is where the accident happened. this gas station here, fast food and a wall greens, there are lots of things here and police were here until 1:00 a.m. investigating. what we know is a man was crossing the intersection at 5:45 when police say he was hit by a dark banner suv. that vehicle stopped kept traveling southbound and the man was rushed to the hospital where he died late last night. people who live nearby say there happens to be a lot of pedestrian traffic in this area. people are walking across the street. they don't obey the intersections and always walking across the middle. they don't see them, older people, halfway house people, they are always walking on the streets and hanging here, so who knows. police have not released the identity of this hit-and-run accident and police are looking for any information if anybody was here at this intersection at 5:45 they
to a marijuana grow house. jeanine has more on what police found there. good morning, jeanine. >> reporter: we were able to go inside this house in east san jose and we overcome with the smell of marijuana, it was wall to wall plants inside and there was no furniture inside and police tell us no people lived here. they found 300 or vested marijuana -- half vetted marijuana plants and a neighbor called saying the home was being burglarized. when officers arrived they found all the plants as well as a sophisticated grow system. >> they had a light system, and elect calling that -- electrical that was beyond anything i have seen in my experience for these indoor grows. everything was wall to wall marijuana plants and it was a pretty big one. >> reporter: police say the people responsible had tapped the wires into pg&e so they would not be suspicious. the fire department was called in for a short time because jugs of chemicals were found in the bathroom but it was determined those jugs of chemicals were fertilizer and they deemed them safe. they say it was worth $100,000 but again, just the stalks
city. jeanine della vega has more on where it is happening and how police are warning residents, jeanine? >> reporter: this is known as a green leaf neighborhood on 101 and this area has been hit hard by thieves... [ technical difficulties, stand by ] [ technical difficulties, stand by ] . >> all right, we obviously have a technical problem, jeanine della vega is reporting and we have a technical problem and we will have more coming up. >>> a disturbing problem, a group saw an increase in attacks last year. >>> plus a radio steaks is at the center of that royal hoax that ended in a tragedy. >>> everything looks good between walnut creek and oakland, we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the area weather. your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? b
programs in place despite the looming cliff and -- and jeanine della vega joins us with more. >> reporter: these people are protesting cuts politicians want to make they are holding up signs and getting honks from drivers on the road. this group of about 30 people have set up tents in front of the office and they are pleased she supports not cutting back on medicare medicaid and social security. for example they are upset that some of the proposals are about raising eligibility rate for people on medicare. other politicians are using the fiscal cliff into intimidating congress into dismantling the programs that others rely on. >> it ought to be used to strengthen the medicare program and we need to make reforms in the medicare program and it ought to be used to strengthen the social security system. >> millions of people depend on these to survive and without them they will end up homeless and these billionaires want to take them away. it is an outrage. >> reporter: the congresswoman came out of her office to talk to the activists and many are on social security disability or are veterans
a suspected marijuana grow house. jeanine della vega has some exclusive video and is on the scene. jeanine? >> reporter: police are wrapping up their investigation and this all took place here at this home which is an indoor very sophisticated indoor marijuana grow house. they thought there was a burglary in progress because they saw three cars parked in front and people loaded property and when police arrived in east san jose, they found the front door opened and hundreds of harvested marijuana plants but in the a bathroom -- bathroom, they found jugs and were overcome with fumes and it turned out to be fertilizer. they say this house was set up specifically to grow marijuana. >> we found a watering system, lots of extra bulbs and everything they need to do a very solve fit dated indoor -- sophisticated indoor grow. >> reporter: we did see a dog in the garage and now police went into the backyard and they did notice that the people who have set this whole system up have actually tapped into the wires from pg&e so that the power company would not get suspicious to see why these people were
to this storm, a creek overflowed and people are not in their homes now, jeanine how is it it looking. >> the water was definitely reseeded. you can see the water is reseeded and you can see where the sandbags are and the water came a few inches below that. last night there were several areas that flooded. many were using sand bags to keep the waters from rising into their homes. it caused flooding on highway one 0 -- 101. we spoke to a fire captain last night and here is what he has to say. >> you know a lot of them had already left, about 300 or 400 left this area. they didn't all go to the shelter or somewhere else. >> there were no mandatory evacuations and 36 people showed up for the shelter and as of last night, those people had left. we are assuming everybody is at home. you i just -- i just caught one him and everything seems to be at least back to normal as well, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> many people are getting a white christmas, they are trying to help keep the roads clear over the holiday break. [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> we will all g
you about, the victim of a hit- and-run has now died. jeanine della vega says police are now searching for that driver. jeanine? >> reporter: police have a vague description of the driver and people were out here investigating into winnie the pooh blanket a.m. police say he was hit by a dark van or suv. that vehicle did not stop and kept traveling southbound and the man was rushed to the hospital where he died late last night. people who live by say they saw the after math of the accident. >> all the cars were blocked last night, here. here. -- here. they are still looking for him, right? >> yes, i hope they catch him because i live right down the street. >> police are looking for any information about this accident, the vehicle may have some damage. the speed limit which is well traveled is 35 miles per hour and we top know how for the man was traveling in that incident. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a man and his girlfriend have been found and they were reported missing after the storms. they left to sacramento to drive through the sierra. they became
fires firefighters had to content with. >>> jeanine della vega is now telling us about the separate charges antolin garcia-torres is facing, jeanine? >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres is expected to be here to enter a plea in the sierra lemar case and in another case involving three other women, he has been in jail since may for the alleged murder of missing teen sierra lemar. her body has never been found but antolin garcia-torres' dna was found on her clothing. he is facing three attempted kidnapping charges back to 2009. he is responsible for assaulting women in morgan hill. in one of the incidents, he is accused of using a stungun. he used to be an employee and he is 17 -- was 17 at the time and is being charged as an adult. sierra lemar's parents are not expected to come into court but usually friends and supporters do show up because they want to show up in the courtroom ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> information is leading to -- a reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest. he was shot at 3:00 in the afternoon. detectives are not sure of a motive an
with the specific area which has been targeted, jeanine? >> reporter: they call it the green leaf neighborhood in east dunn. we saw a patrol car in the past hour driving through this neighborhood and burglars are hitting this area in the daytime and night time hours and police say there have been reports of 23 burglaries here. eight homes have been broken into, and they have hit 15 cars parked in the neighborhood during the night. thieves are smashing car windows and crabbing what they can. the recent spike is making them take precaution. >> make sure their doors are locked and i take them with me and my truck and when i get home i take them out of my truck and i know there is nobody breaking into cars. >> reporter: that gentleman said he worked out of his car all day and that's why he feels safe taking his valuables with him. and investigators say nobody has been caught for any of these crimes and at this point they do not know if any of the crimes are related. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> time now 6:06, police are clarifying statements about the weekend stabbing of a bo
, jeanine? >>> we are right at the los gatos border and you can see behind me fire trucks and police cars. >> reporter: they are surrounded around building and we just saw the property owners are asking firefighters what is going onment all we know is there is a fire and we can see and smell the smoke. it is unclear what type of equipment is in there and we are told there was some sort of garage and vehicles in there burning. we can't see any flames but just a lot of smoke and we have not gotten word from the fire department and we will remain here on the scene to get more information as soon as it becomes available. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> transit agencies are banding together to put escalators out of service. they are trying to find ways to keep the escalators moving. a wide variety wants to keep them moving. bart has 179 added escalators and in june a record 28 of them are were out -- were out of service. >>> they are leaking for something to do after eating a christmas meal, and some destinations inside golden gate park is open and kids can en
to become the next secretary of state. judge jeanine pirro weighs in. >> gregg: and with exactly one month to go until the u.s. is set to go over that dreaded fiscal cliff, republican leaders urging the president so take a serious look at entitlements. will it work? we've got a fair and balanced debate next. >> the president wants to realize that he wasn't elected president of the hard left of the democratic party. he was elected president of the united states. he's the steward of the nation's finances. >> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines. funeral services for hector macho camacho. he was shot in puerto rico late last month and died after being taken off life support. police say that they have identified several shooting suspects, but have not arrested anyone. >>> haz-mat teams cleaning up thousands much gallons of chemicals spilled when a feet train derailed yesterday in new jersey. several cars tumbled into a creek and spewed hazardous gas into the air. dozens of people have reportedly gotten sick from the fumes. >>> mexico sharing in its new president amid
is getting the care and attention jeanine'sthat kate is getting the care at -- that kate is getting the care and attention that she needs. >> how can the palace protect her in this wired age? >> we are living in a different world with 24 hour news outlets, frenzied media interests, the internet. when william filed the injunction against the magazine when the topless pictures were published, he was sending a very clear message that frenzied paparazzi would not be tolerated. he will want to make sure that kate is protected, that she is not hounded, and that we do not see a return to what we saw in diana's day. >> this baby, if it is a girl, could be queen. how much of a change is that for the monarchy? >> we really are changing centuries of real history. in looking at history, you have to think that the women have done quite well in the top job. elizabeth i, our own queen, they have done a wonderful job. it is quite nice for kate that she can approach this pregnancy not worry if this child is a boy -- not worrying if this child is a boy. at least the pressure is off of kate in that respect. it
, what are investigators looking for right now? judge jeanine pirro, host of "justice" with judge jeanine joins us live from newtown. what would you be looking for, former d.a. and judge, what would you be focusing on? >> you know, gregg, as someone who has responded to these crime scenes of child victims, i can tell you firsthand that this takes an enormous toll on all of law enforcement. i don't care how seasoned the detective is or the crime scene technician. this stuff is everyone'sor. what they're looking for and what they have been look for is the number of shots to each of the child victims. they're collecting shell casings. they're trying to make sure that they have the forensics, any fingerprints, was there a second gun? was there unexpended shells or shell casings, and they trying at this point to essentially do a map of how this happened, how the shots were fired, from where, where were the children, and of the multiple gunshot wounds that we know happened to these children, or at least from the glock and the sig sauer, which child suffered the first shot and second. was it a s
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concerns and damage after the storm, jeanine? >> reporter: well, brian, we are standing next to the valley near san fernando creek. the water came in rushing into this neighborhood and it ended up flooding here and at this hour representatives from the state are surveying this and they are trying to come up with a quick fix before the next storm hits. >> reporter: they are clearing away debris brought in from the floodwaters from the storm. >>> we have a lot of trees going down and a lot of garage. >> reporter: city and county officials say the banks are not high enough to contain the water when there is heavy rain. last night's storm brought in the highest flow rate since the city first started measuring in 1930. >> it is not in good shape and rebuild the whole levee system and in this particular location they can build flood walls for up to 100 years of flood protection. >> reporter: they know a fix is needed and today they surveyed boils along the levee. it is so saturated along the bank that they are creating what is called a boil or hole and it is bubbling up creating mounds which is
sierra lemar will be back in court. ktvu channel 2 morning news' jeanine della vega is in san jose to tell us about separate charges antolin garcia-torres is now facing. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres is being housed at the county jail and in a few hours he will be escorted to the courthouse where he will be expected to enter a plea in the sierra lemar case. he will be arraigned in a separate case involving three other women. he was charged with three attempted kidnapping charges which stemmed from 2009. he is accused of kidnapping three women. he was 17 years old at that time but is charged as an adult. he was arrested for the missing teen sierra lemar. authorities say her dna was found in his car and his dna was found on her clothing and that's what helped to link him to the attacks. garcia torez's plea hearings will start this afternoon. jean mean della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a big-rig caught fire after hitting some power lines. tara moriarty is first on the scene at 4:30. tara, we understand the driver is actually a hero, a volunteer firefighter? >> yes, it
that family is doing. jeanine? >> reporter: i spoke to the father of the two-year-old little girl and in her bedroom the truck crashed into her room. the truck crashed into that chain link fence and into her bedroom. the driver of this truck was traveling eastbound on taylor when he veer flood a lane of oncoming traffic and crashed into the side of the apartments. his truck crashed into two bedrooms and here is a look at the damage. the truck first crashed into a room with an 8-year-old where 2- year-old girl was sleeping. >> i didn't see my baby in there and i saw her on the ground and she started crying and that's what i was really glad for, she was crying. >> we have a video we just took a short time ago, even after she was thrown on the floor and taken to the hospital, doctors say she is okay and the driver of the truck backed out of the building and tried to escape bus his truck broke down and police arrested him for hit-and- run. he is identified as joseph austin of san jose and the speed limit here a long taylor street is 30 miles per hour but witnesses told him, from truck was 70 mil
the home, jeanine? >> reporter: people who live here are not sleeping and you can see there are two gaping holes inside their apartment after a truck trashed into it. just after 3:30, the driver of this pickup truck was traveling eastbound on taylor when he veered into oncoming traffic and crashed into an apartment complex. here is exclusive video of one of those bedrooms. in one of those bedrooms and 8- year-old was sleeping and a 2- year-old little girl was sleeping as the truck was inside one of those bedrooms. >> reporter: the baby? >> they were looking for the baby under the bed. >> reporter: so the crib was destroyed and the baby came out? >> the crib was destroyed and the baby was not in the crib. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver tried toes scape but the -- escape, but he was forced to stop when the truck stopped working. police have arrested him for driving under the influence and for hit-and-run. he is being booked into the jail right now. the eighth-year-old boy we -- eight-year-old boy, we actually spoke with him and the two-year- old is being treated at the hospital but we
on performing an autopsy to get more answers. jeanine della vague, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> a bicyclist was seriously hurt after being hit by a street sweeper. it happened near 5th and brandon streets. the man became trapped under neath the street sweeper. >>> a train slammed into his suv and that happened at 6:30 last night. the driver said his car got stuck on the train tracks. the driver has just left heading to sacramento and was not going fast. >>> he was listed overnight as police ended their search for two robbery suspects. students and professors were finalliable to search for two armed men believed to be hiding on campus. the suspects were not found. >> the lockdown was part of a group of five men who robbed a gruel are you store and shot a clerk. one of the men led police on this chase. he said believe it or not, they were actually giving out toys to kids. >>> new reports coming in from syria. at least 16 people were killed in a damascus suburb. a car packed with explosives are reportingly washington. they stay they may actually win the civil war. >>> president barack obama an
after a hazmat situation. jeanine has more on how they got sick. how dave, i spoke with one of the residents who were told to stay inside because of something one of their neighbors did. just after 8:00 last night firefighters were called to this moble home park because people inside one of them set off a bug fogger to kill an infestation. they did not leave the home and placed the defogger in a small place and then called emergency crews. >> they stayed inside the very tight space when they were supposed to leave and not stay. >> reporter: three of them had to be taken to the hospital and so were three ambulance workers. we are told the first responders are going to be okay but we do not know the condition of the residents. you can't smell anything now but on the product's website, it says after you set the fogger, leave immediately and close your windows and doors and obviously that did not happen. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> right now we are keeping an eye on the situation which may affect your morning commute. one contra costa road is closed becau
live from palo alto with the very latest, jeanine? >> reporter: well we are right near the border where you can see the san francisco creek and in the last hour, the water has receded and i just checked, it is at 9 feet and you couldn't even see that tree branch but the water was at 15.9 feet. this is video of where i was standing and you can see how high water came. it crested on woodland and is over the entrance of the four seasons hotel. police were escorting people away from the floodwaters and residents were monitoring the flood levels and had sandbags to protect their homes. even though there is no massive damage they are worried about flooding where the river bends. >> we have areas where the water has undermind the levee itself and continues to undermind the levee. >> reporter: this is what the southbound lanes looked like north of embarcadero. the creek was literally flooding the freeway and chp was helping most wrists -- motorists far gate. -- navigate. an emergency shelter was opened for people who may have needed this because of the storm but 36 people were evacuated and nea
are hoping to boost their bottom line, good morning jeanine. >> reporter: we were just here at kohl's and we just saw the first customers go inside the store and if you take a look at the parking lot, it is still empty. kohl's is advertising a christmas blitz and sale. it is one of many retailers offering deep discounts and some are offering prices from #0 to 70%. they are expecting many to spend more than what is on their cards and holiday sales are a critical indicater of the economy's strengths. it shows sales two months before christmas were the weak test since 2008. it grew when analysts expected it to grow to 4% this year and stores will want to get rid of their unsold inventory. some retailers he are offering more inventory than in the stores plus free shipping. back out here live we will show you how traffic picks up and we will show you customers as they start filtering in. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> now that all the gifts are out from under the tree, we will have more on what some people are doing instead of heading back to the malls. weather and speed are
with disabilities and those who are too young to drive. reporting live from san jose, jeanine janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> they wrapped a mall shooting in sack -- reported a mall shooting in sacramento. people started running for the exits after a fistfight got out of control. store employees and shoppers were trying to figure out what what they were hearing. >> something similar to gunshots, but it sounded like shots. >> it was terrifying. scary quest moment of my life. >> police say they found no evidence of shootings. four people involved in the brawl were arrested. >>> toyota will reportedly pay money to settle several law suits. they recovered more than 14,000 vehicle from around the world plunged. the judge still needs approval. >>> yesterday's heavy rain left pools of water on the roadway closing parts of the southbound lanes and there is still no estimated time as to when it will reopen. levee failed during heavy rains on sunday and seven homes were damaged by the flooding and long time repairs are set to begin next year. >>> driving in the sierra has not been easy latel
who fight fit that description gretchen carlson and jeanine pirro. so why don't you define the point that ms. paggala are trying to make. >> she is saying there are successful women like katie perry and taylor swift in forbes magazine make more money than just about anyone in terms of their music. she is saying that they are insipid that their music is bland and that they are monotonous and at the end of the day they are too buttoned up. her concern is that they are not trashy and they don't reflect kind of a sense of real living. and she talks about black female performers as stronger and more defiant. she ignores the fact that people buy their records because they like music and she prefers women who apparently in her mind show more body, more bosom, more booty and, therefore, we are going backwards. >> bill: katie perry is not known -- did you see it. >> i saw amazingly angry female writing an article about other successful women who is she is probably jealous of. by the way beyonce, taylor swift to a certain degree katie perry are good role models. >> bill: she didn't criticize b
from sacred heart in san jose where people are already waiting in line, jeanine? >> reporter: that is right, and i just checked the temperature, people are waiting in lawn chairs bundled up in blankets because they are waiting to get toys. we will take you inside to go through the process to get toys. they will walk through the parking lot and this giveaway does not start until 10:00 a.m. and everybody already has an appointment starting at 10:00 a.m. and 20 people will come in at that time, parents and they will be paired with a volunteer and you will come into the toy room. as you can see it looks very festive and they have toys broken down into different categories you can see, puzzles and games and all sorts of stuffed animals and dolls and of course one of the more popular items, the bikes and books as well. sacred heart community service said 10% more signed up to receive toys this year and they will be serving 690,000 children and they are talking about how christmas would have been without getting this help and here is what he had to say. >> it's really stressful and
warriors jeanine pirro and gretchen carlson. you know in every school they have stoner clubs. did you know that? no. >> they didn't when i was d.a. >> it's not like they are in the yearbook. in the yearbook they do little innuendos. editors put that on. there is every high school on long island and they meet in the parking lot before school starts these kids. it's like fast times at ridgemont high. >> stoned before they go to school. >> i want to show this full page ad in the "new york times" today. this is why. full page ad "new york times" drug policy alliance far left kook george sr. rose funds them. legalization marijuana in united states. that's why the kids are so blaize glorified this just like that full page add. you have big find brad pitt and russell simmons other people on board with this. >> bill: willie nelson has got a book. he wants to smoke his body. >> all i'm say something that young kids are looking up to these people and they are thinking wow, it must be no big deal. then you add to it that colorado and washington just made it legal. you add to to it that medical mariju
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